Hi, I'm Juel.

I help women and non-binary queens re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives. I want people to remember their essence.
I’m a coach, mentor, facilitator, embodiment and healing arts guide and artist. Privileged to be teaching, mentoring and coaching people for over 8 years. An eternally fascinated student of the mystery of life.


Remember you. Be You. All of you. Authentically.

Like many people, I faced a lot of challenges in my early life which took me off my true path and led me down a road of self-neglect. I didn’t know any better and wasn’t taught how to truly take care of myself. Just after I hit 30, a family situation which had taken main stage in my life stabilized. I ‘woke up’ to find myself in a castrating long term relationship, an artist in an unfamiliar corporate world. I experienced an identity crisis as a ‘third culture kid’, discovered I was a highly sensitive person (HSP), experienced unhealthy family dynamics, patterns crossing all kinds of boundaries within myself and ultimately suffered a burn out.

Feeling unsafe and unfree, I journeyed long and hard, faced my fears, my pain, and began unpeeling layers of myself to let go of what everyone expected of brainy, ever supportive, peace maker me…  What I ‘should’ do with my life and who I ‘should’ support. I took my time to find what I truly wanted and found something that comes naturally to me. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives sharing my life’s experience, gifts and learnings. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by, studied and explored the horizons of experience, energy, identity, intuition, spirituality and the unconscious. Using my strengths and beliefs in personal evolution, people and profiling skills, my deep intuition, energy healing abilities, I became a coach, intuitive healer and facilitator.

In all of my work, I explore within myself and share with others the flexibility of perceptions, embodiment, energy, the divine sensual feminine, emotions and individual/group movement and evolution.


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I believe that every single part of you is worthy of and deserves love.

Breathe. Move. Embody. Create. Enliven. Love.

That we came into this world perfectly whole and filled with sparkling life force. I believe in possibility, presence and transformation. And that life can be an enchanting, playful, creative, blissful adventure if we show up and create authentic space for ourselves.
I am here to help you re-connect, embody, and love what has always been inside of you — your raw truth, your magic, your essence, your superpower, your passionate sensuality, your authentic voice. Guiding you back to a path of unapologetic self-love, truth, and aliveness. So that when life happens, as it does, you are grounded in you.


This is me

I choose depth

I am a mama

I see energy and work intuitively

I am an artist

I love things that sparkle and all things gold

I am a highly sensitive person

I dance my magic

I am a priestess, a mystic, a queen

I love to play

I will look you in the eyes

I am a provocateur

I make up words when I forget others

I light up with imagination

I am an eternal student of life


I’ve participated in Juel’s 3-week-course ‘Get it out: Healing Anger - Emotional Release’ and I’m so glad I did. This course has given me so much... I, and many women with me I think, have always been taught not to express my anger, but instead be polite, be nice, be kind. This course has taught me how to tap into my anger in a way that I feel empowered and strong. I have learned to not fight my anger but to embrace it and use it even… I love how Juel focusses on the physical aspect of emotions and leads us away from our analytical mind that loves creating stories, rationalizing, explaining… “stay with your feelings, where do you feel it in the body, what do you feel, can you give it space?”… To be able to really feel, express and let go of emotions such as anger, pain and grief in a group of women, felt very liberating and special and I’m very grateful for this experience. Also Juel has given us tools to bring home and continue our practice by ourselves.. something I’m enjoying quite a lot. Before I’ve always felt stuck and helpless when experiencing anger, not knowing how to deal with it, or dealing with it in a destructive matter and now I’m ‘armed’ with a set of tools and exercises I can turn to whenever I want. I think this course helped me greatly on my path of healing and acceptance and getting in tune with myself and I would recommend it to every woman out there!

Anna van Lingen


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