Ready to be you. Fully.


It's time to reunite with your essence, body, and pleasure.

You want to bring change into your life, & feel more like yourself. 

Maybe it all started by not prioritizing yourself till it gradually became the norm, or you feel lost coming out of transition in your life. Maybe you want to shake things up to explore what is going on beneath the surface and you want deeper connection to your body, emotions, and pleasure. Or perhaps you don't know how to recreate life after burn out/feeling stuck.

Whatever the reason, you are here because you want to give yourself some extra support, knowing that you want your life to be different but you aren't sure how.

What a beautiful and radical act showing up for yourself. This is self-love.

These sessions are designed for those who want support diving deeper into themselves. Those ready to do the work of exploring both the light and shadow parts of themselves. Welcoming an integration of tools and practices into their daily life.

This may include topics around defining boundaries, stress management, emotional release, finding direction, grounding, body & mind exploration, feeling alive, connecting to intuition, safety, uncover fears, exploring sensuality and pleasure, surrendering and finding your rhythm, feeling like yourself in the midst of the many challenges that life can throw at you.


Free Discovery Call

Getting to know each other

A moment to connect and discuss where you are and where you want to go, approaches, and expectations. I will share more about how this journey could look, and how I work.

It’s a two-way process, allowing both of us a chance to consider whether it feels right. All questions are welcome.


1-1 Coaching & Mentoring

Personal Transformation attuned to you

Packages and plans to dive deeper into you. Sessions at your rhythm to support in core transformation and integration, emotional release, feeling stuck, on the brink of or in a burn out, reconnecting with your body and cycles, or desiring to explore sacred sensuality and sexuality.

Online Courses

Conscious self-exploration

Women and non-binary queens tapping into their inner shadow, the unseen, and releasing. Explore what's standing in the way of your light & love.


Book me

Private Workshops & Events tailored for you

Book me for private group sessions, workshops, events, festivals and studios.

Journeys that we can co-create to the experience that you desire.

  • Integrating what you already know with your head

  • Discover the layers preventing you from being yourself

  • Explore your deeper values that drive you

  • Clear out the noise that distracts you from your essence​

  • Remove the masks you wear

  • Ground into your depths, you are your own compass

  • Explore what stands in the way of your inner truth, power and authenticity

  • Stop jumping from retreat to retreat, therapy session to massage session hungry for more

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  • Feel the energy of your emotion

  • Connect deeply to your authentic truth

  • Feel lighter, like a heavy load has been lifted

  • Release blocked emotions and stagnation

  • Meet your unseen inner shadow

  • Learn what you do to repress, hide and control

  • Support the release of negative emotional energy

  • Explore your authentic voice

  • Use tools to acknowledge and express your inner YES & NO (boundaries)

  • Take responsibility of your emotional world

  • Reclaim inner power

  • Express and process your emotions in a healthier way

  • Integrate emotional management practices in your daily life

  • Slow down so you can start to feel

  • Remember who you are

  • Tune into the wisdom of the body

  • Learn to recognize the patterns within

  • Make decisions from your inner knowing

  • Unbind from the unconscious agreements of judgements, expectations and criticism

  • Feel freedom in your body

  • Quieten the chatter box of noise in your head

  • Consciously respond to what your body is communicating 

  • Feel emotional triggers & how to create choice

  • Learn what your body is communicating

  • Surrender to the process of what you desire and need 

  • Easing into self-love and compassion for yourself

  • Reconnect with your natural menstrual cycles

  • Feel more grounded

  • Stop menstrual aches & pains

  • Increase fertility

  • Start slowing down to feel your body rhythm so you can navigate from your inner voice 

  • Honor your body and yoni as a sacred space

  • Feel spaciousness inside for self-love

  • Flow more effortlessly into directions you want to go

  • Restore & reclaim your core creative life force energy

  • Stronger presence in the yoni

  • Listen to and understand your needs

  • Dive deeply into feeling your boundaries and what is healthy for you

  • Start cultivating a relationship with your inherent feminine erotic energy

  • Enhance and deepen your relationship with your yoni, breasts and body

  • Deepen self-care as you give yourself loving attention, instead of only giving to others

  • Allow yourself to feel your desires and pleasure

  • Tap into what makes you feel sexy and alive

  • Start to unlock the sensual ecstatic energy flowing inside of you

  • Enable and facilitate healing

  • Feel your full aliveness

  • Reawaken your playful spirit