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I had the pleasure of getting to know 3 amazing women last week. Well, more people actually, but today, we only have time for one particular story about the gentle, revolution lady who brought a fiery glitter girl, a bright eyed gypsy and I, together. A few months ago she invited me to join a girly road trip down to Czech Republic, for the Bukovina festival…. AND, I could teach my Ladyliciousness “Dance it out” class too ….

Ummm, yes please!

Very Cinderella like, we all hopped in Lady Revolution’s car at midnight, and set off to Czech. Now, although I’d love to share all the awesome sauce fun we all had, being thrown in a car for a 14-hour, all night trip with a bunch of happy strangers, shared tents and wine, how we had our own story-telling, owl-loving, wanderer join us, danced all day and night, shared our talents in the coziest festival ever, connected with new people, hung around in hammocks…(check it out here). I want to share one of the main things that struck me during this trip.

I learned that we have to catch ourselves sometimes. To become aware that even when we manage to incorporate the “chill” or “pleasure” factor we need into our lives – we might have a tendency to regiment and control it unconsciously. We sometimes let, what I call, our male energy, take over and manage our creative, flowing, present feminine side of ourselves, for us. Basically, we have to learn to give ourselves true space – to be present, to have fun, to show up for life and allow the wind to blow us where we need to go. To experiment with ourselves.

Hand over control of this part of our lives to another part of ourselves, and let life manifest in full presence sometimes.

I witnessed transition in Bukovina. I watched my friend be curious, ask, and invite new experiences. I watched her step outside of what she normally sees as her space, take risks, and come alive. I didn’t know her well before, we met at a bootcamp. But I got a glimpse of her during this trip, completely present, and at play… it was beautiful. While watching this evolve, I realized that although she walked through life with a smile in her heart, worked diligently towards her dreams, nourished honest relationships, she spoke of how she limited herself in her regimens and some beliefs. She had stuff she HAD to do. Stuff that is awesome but somehow gave hints of restriction. Perhaps it was due to a greater sense of freedom and perspective over here, keeping feet toasty in front of the bonfire.

In the week we spent together, I noticed her pushing her own boundaries, every day. And the cool thing was, that instead of interpreting it as letting herself slip, she was tapping into different parts of herself to see what felt right. Taking advantage of this free space, away from home. Sometimes hesitant, but trying to open herself up to new experiences; inviting and receiving them. Reflecting…. And so was I.

How amazing it was to be able to dance BIG and LARGE, barefoot around a field, with my music blasting in my ears (yes, sometimes I need to exceed the safety regulations on my volume settings), in the sun, knowing that I have nothing else to do here except enjoy or relax or both! How easy it was to re-connect into what felt right to me, every moment of everyday. How I loved being able to sit and watch this festival unfold from a distance, or engage at whim. How my impulse for connecting with people was fed, between spurts of dancing the fresh air into myself. And how cool it was to have a group of amazing ‘strangers’ hold that space for each other to experience it in this fun, and free, way.

She reminded me to catch myself, as she was doing the same.

Let go of who you think you are,

Give space for who you truly are,

And experiment with yourself!

On the drive home, I reflected on how we can get caught up making sure that we’re enjoying the journey part of our lives, that we do it without having true presence. Life becomes a list of to-dos and have-tos, instead of allowing space for fluidity….without letting ourselves go sometimes. Without choosing to manifest yourself in a new way, even for an instant, to try on a new way of being – just to see if it fits. We’re in constant evolution, each and every moment brings a new experience and therefore new information is presented to us constantly. It’s up to each of us what we do with it, but it helps to recognize that it keeps us in constant movement… so it’s important to remember to play!

Invite it in, and give it space. Stop adding it onto the many millions of things you have to do, to make sure you’re on track, and balanced and, and, and… Ask yourself if you’re truly saying Yes to life? How do you experiment with the YOU you want to be?

P.S. Maybe sometime I’ll let you know how the other members of my group left an impact on me. ^_^ Yeah… it was a cool trip!

Please enter your life tips in the comments below on how YOU say yes to life, experiment with the YOU you want to be, where you feel you need the most support, or maybe just share your thoughts.

Contact me if you want to explore how I can support you on this journey, work with me, and check out some of the stuff I do.



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