Hi, my name is Juel McNeilly.

I’m a life coach, storyteller, trainer, performing artist, poet, and photographer. As you might have guessed, I’m a curious lady, so I’ve designed my life to incorporate all of the things I love.

I plan to use this blog to share what I see, feel, hear, smell,  taste, create and just know in this world, with you.

There are so many interesting things/subjects/discoveries/knowledge/skills/passions in the world, so much to learn, so much to feed my endless curiosity… that I simply cannot get bored. The world is like an endless oyster with so much to discover and I like sharing what I learn.…there’s something for everyone. I guess it’s no wonder that I love working with people finding their passion. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the horizons of experience, identity, intuition and the unconscious. In all of my work, I challenge myself (and the client/audience) on the flexibility of perceptions, exploration of boundaries, and individual/group evolution.

I am most inspired when facilitating the ‘switch’ an individual goes through when they shift to a new and shifting insight about themselves, or their surroundings. And, I love it when it happens to me!

From a tree climbing, super nerdy tomboyish girl who used to hold mini concerts hanging from tree branches, to supporting my family through over a decade of country hopping, mental illness and alcoholism. I faced a lot of challenges in my early life, which took me off my true path, and led me down a road of self-neglect. I didn’t know any better. Just after I hit 30, my family situation stabilized, and I ‘woke up’ to find myself in a disabling long term relationship, a job in an unfamiliar world, an identity crisis as a ‘third culture kid’, discovered I was a highly sensitive person (HSP) and ultimately suffered a burn out.

I’ve journeyed long and hard, to let go of what everyone expected of brainy, ever supportive, peace maker me… and what I ‘should’ do with my life, where I belonged and how I should live. I focused on my people skills and became a coach. I took time to figure out how I could truly make a difference in people’s lives, using my strengths and beliefs in personal evolution, the mind-body connection ,and designed my life to include the aspects that make me, ME: Art, People, Authenticity, Evolution and Passion.

I’ve learned that supporting and coaching people is part of who I am, it’s part of my very being. I naturally do it all the time, in whatever I’m doing at the time, with whomever I’m with. I see the potential in people and all of the possibilities. As I truly believe that each and every one of us is capable of far more than we allow ourselves to believe.

So now I put it to good use working with individuals and businesses internationally, as a professional life coach, profiler, trainer, storyteller and brainstorming spar partner. While I keep myself energized along side it with my creations, whether it be on stage, writing new pieces, or just letting my imagination float about.

My vision is that everyone activates their unique superpower and shares their authentic being with the world.

My mission is to provide the grounds to help people reach their potential through creating deeper, more meaningful relationships with their minds, bodies and emotions, in order to bring true passion and fun into their lives.

My purpose: Learning is my passion, and connection is my purpose.

Share your thoughts, opinions, and any relevant information you think I might be into, along the way. I love hearing new perspectives.

See you soon,


If you want to work with me, you can find more info on my Ladyliciousnessgroundsre-FRESH.life, or other activities by liking my facebook juel page.

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