Shades of nude: The ‘trend’ continues

Finally. It’s happening. We are recognising that there are as many shades of skin tone out there as people. And a few stocking brands, lingerie, and  designer brands are starting to wake up, smell the ridiculously large coffee pot in front of their noses, and create ‘nude’ products for a wider range of skin tones. The nude trend as it’s called, started over 5 years ago, to support bringing a huge proportion of women, who have been left out of the story, into the ‘nude’ discussion.

Yes, you may have detected some sarcasm. It’s true. I am happy about this development, but it feels like such a small step, and taking it’s sweet time. Especially in Europe. For a hosiery fanatic like me, (yes, it’s true, I have a fetish) receiving high quality designer gorgeous additions to my collection, makes me do a little dance inside. But sometimes when they have patterns on a nude stocking. Well, it makes me look like my legs are sick. And it’s not so glam waiting for the last part of winter, when my skin colour looks washed out, before I can potentially rock them. Most designers out there seem to think that 2 shades of nude fits us all, or they have a seriously discriminatory target audience.

Hallelujah for some more mindful brands out there, like  Christian Louboutin and Naja, for taking some initiative and recognising a variety of shades of nude. And if this isn’t enough, check out the Nudemeter at Nudest to find your exact shade when you upload a photo of your hand, and they will help discover all things nude for you. Yay!

Love & Light,

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