The Circle: New moon cycle reflections

Whether or not you’ve attended the circle gatherings I host or not, I want to share with you some little reflections for throughout your cycle.

Each lunar cycle, we are rebirthed. Our soul and essence is filled with strength, power, inspiration, and courage as the moon builds. And as it wanes, we are released of that intensity as we journey inwards towards the new (dark) moon.

New Moon:

The new moon is all about new beginnings, as if we receive a new slate to work from every month. A time to meditate on what has been learned; to reflect; to go inwards and feel what wants to come into creation; to journal; plan our next move; to release; and make intentions for the new cycle. We witnessed each other doing that.

Waxing Moon:

The time is about building up your manifestation energy. Focus on your positive energy, breathe space into your heart. It’s filled with youthful, springtime, maiden energy. Breathe into the positive sensations in the body, the tingles. If necessary and desired, make an action plan on how to achieve your goals. Three days before the full moon (waxing gibbous moon) is the moment of taking time to imagine success, as the energy rises and grows like the moon. Review your intentions, seeds, and meditate/daydream about each happening. Breathe into the positive sensations in the body.

Full Moon:

The full moon is about outward energy, the heightening of your actions in the world. Your projects, creations and nurturing are peaking. Tune into your personal strength and take time to release what no longer serves you, what is blocking you. It is a moment where sensual energies are heightened. Take deep breaths to feel your love inside. It is a moment of connections, outgoing energies, and giving.

Waning Moon:

The time between the full moon and the new moon starts the journey back into your inner world. Evaluate the projects you’ve started, release, clearing. Your intuition is heightened. There is a primal, instinctual part of this moment, so connect to your inner needs and desires. Give yourself what you need, don’t await the world to give it to you.

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If you have attended a circle gathering (yay!) Thank you so much for sharing your essence, being you, for the beautiful depth, connection, and inspiration that we created together. Curious to see how your intentions will manifest. See you next moon. x

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